Young girl dies when head became stuck in lift doors

An inquest has been opened and adjourned after a five-year-old girl died when her head became stuck in a lift.  The inquest will resume on 20 January.

Firefighters helped free Alexys Brown from the lift at Emmadale Close, Weymouth, on 13 August but she was pronounced dead in hospital.  Coroner Sheriff Payne was told she died of neck and face injuries after becoming trapped between part of the lift and the ground floor ceiling.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has confirmed it is investigating the incident.

Last week the Mayor of Weymouth and Portland, Christine James, said

“news of Alexys’s death had come as a “total shock” to the “tight-knit” community.”
She added “residents were likely to rally round and do what they can to help”.

Dorset County Council said it had not installed the lift at the property.
A spokeswoman for the authority said the lift involved was commonly known as a “through floor lift” and enabled someone with a physical disability to access upper floors, where stairs cannot be used.  The two-storey house has a disabled ramp outside.


Quantum Comments

This is yet again another example of a basic hazard which was not identified. Lifts should be checked by engineers who properly barrier off and supervise lift shafts when they are working on them. Also when lifts are out of use, either temporarily or permanently, that they are properly isolated and the landing doors secured.