Tumble Dryer Fire – Remain Alert!

We thought we would share the news of an incident which last week affected Terry Jones, one of Quantum’s Principal Fire Consultants. These are his words:

“I received a call from my daughter at around 2pm on Monday. She was crying down the phone saying her house was on fire. She said her tumble dryer was alight but that she had already unplugged it. I told her to close the door, get out and summon the Fire Brigade which she did.

When I got there the Fire Brigade had extinguished the fire which pretty much had gutted the utility room, but the whole house was smoke damaged. Whilst the fire was confined to the room of origin by the fact that she closed the door, they face a complete clean-up of all carpets, curtains, bedding, clothes etc as well as redecoration throughout the whole house.

My daughter had done everything by the book – tumble dryer on whilst they were there, smoke detectors throughout the house which alerted them in the initial stages of the fire, closed the door etc. What keeps playing on all our minds is if they had put the tumble dryer on before they went to bed and the fire had taken hold when the family was asleep; this could have turned out so much worse.”


Terry’s Advice


1. Ensure tumble dryers, washing machines, dishwashers etc are never left on when the house/flat is unoccupied and NEVER at night.
2. Routinely test your smoke detectors.
3. If you discover an appliance fire:

• Warn all persons in your property and leave together.
• Where possible, turn off your appliance if it is on.
• Ensure you close all doors on the way out, particularly your front door if you live in a block of flats.
• Call the Fire Brigade by dialling 999 once you and your family are outside of the building.
• Do not attempt to return to your flat until permission has been given by the Fire Brigade.