Quantum offers a range of innovative health and safety services, fire and water safety, asbestos surveys and the following services:

  • Health and Safety Services
    Practical advice to ensure legal compliance including risk assessments, strategic audits and consultancy, health and safety management systems, policies and procedures, investigations, liaison with health and safety enforcement authorities, contractor appraisal and management and disability access audits and advice.
  • Fire Safety Services
    Highly competent fire safety consultants and engineers provide practical advice to ensure legal compliance.
  • Water Safety Services
    Highly competent water safety consultants provide practical advice to ensure legal compliance.
  • Asbestos Surveys
    Asbestos management surveys, refurbishment and demolition surveys, asbestos management plans and monitoring programs.
  • Training
    Quantum’s highly competent training professionals have comprehensive practical consultancy experience.  They deliver Quantum Compliance’s accredited and bespoke training courses.
  • Environmental Services
    Environmental impact audits, Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), waste audits, environmental management, policy, planning, implementation, monitoring and environmental reviews.
  • Management Information System
    Information on Qcompliance – a managed application which supports property managers / owners in complying with workplace health and safety legislation and guidance.

Quantum Compliance offers a range of innovative property management compliance and health and safety services to meet the exacting needs of portfolio management professionals.  Our approach focuses on two levels, at a local level – site based risk assessments and surveys; and at a corporate level – development of risk management strategies and corporate risk management documentation.

Quantum Compliance has the expertise and knowledge to provide compliance advice including management, implementation, monitoring and review.  Quantum Compliance implements bespoke strategies to help the successful integration of compliance management into the core operational areas of business.  Quantum Compliance offers a client focused, value added proposition which is tailored to the specific needs of each client.  Company consultants address the client’s specific compliance agenda and design risk assessment and management reports, which result in tailored advice to mitigate risk.  All consultants in the Company are tasked with being pragmatic and practical in giving their advice, remaining flexible and helping the customer achieve its compliance requirements.