Pragmatic health and safety advice to assist retailers to effectively reduce risk to staff and members of the public.

In the retail environment good health and safety management is essential.  Occupying retail space carries risks and obligations and good risk management should be embedded within any organisation. Consider the following health and safety questions:

  • Have you protected your retail space from the main causes of fire, including arson?
  • Has the property’s electrical system been tested?
  • Is the property adequately secured?
  • Have you provided both staff and visitors adequate protection against slips, trips and falls?
  • Do you have access to competent advice which can assist in compliance matters?

Protect your business by having the right systems and support in place.  Quantum Compliance can provide the following support:

  • Full health, safety, fire and water risk assessments / asbestos management surveys.
  • Reviewing contractor’s risk assessments and method statements.
  • Full health and safety management documentation.
  • Regular audits (depending on risk).
  • Full backup support using our competent consultants.