Profit’s before safety

A landlord, Nottingham HMO Ltd,  who put ‘profit before safety’ now finds their profits dented by a £29,000 fine for fire-safety breaches.

There were several deficiencies that came to light after the Council’s housing licensing and compliance team visited the property earlier this year to assess compliance for a proposed HMO licence.  These included the absence of a working fire detection system and damaged fire doors.

Nottingham HMO Ltd, which is directed by Nazaquat Azam and previously by Yusif McCallum, was found guilty of breaching HMO (houses of multiple occupation) regulations at Nottingham Magistrates Court.  An inspection of one of the firm’s properties discovered an infestation of rats in the kitchen and a general state of disrepair, including the damaged fire doors.  They have since been refused a HMO licence.

“Nottingham HMO Ltd completely ignored the advice given to them for their own financial gain, placing their tenants at the risk of harm,” said Councillor Nicola Heaton, Nottingham City Council’s portfolio holder for community services. “This is simply ‘profit before safety’ and the landlord has been held accountable for their criminal actions.

We will continue to rigorously enforce the law, ensuring that privately rented housing in Nottingham is up to the required standards for citizens, who have the right to live in a decent and safe home. We welcome this conviction and hope that it sends a message out to private landlords who may think about cutting corners on the standard of accommodation.”