Pane of glass falls 200ft from city centre apartment block

An investigation has been launched after a pane of glass tumbled more than 200ft from a busy city centre apartment block.

The glass sheet toppled from a top floor apartment on Saturday afternoon at Islington Wharf, in Great Ancoats Street, as high winds and rain battered the city centre.  No-one was hurt by the shattered pane – but shocked residents fear it could have resulted in a fatality.

Residents say it is just a ‘matter of time’ before it happens again.  They claim that panes of glass in the block have cracked on three previous occasions, but that this is the first time that one has fallen out right to the ground.

They believe the incident, which happened on the 19th floor of the 20 storey building, was caused by a combination of high winds and temperature problems inside the block.  The window has since been boarded up, and the developer has launched an investigation.

One resident was quoted

“It’s only a matter of time before it happens again, and it’s a miracle no-one was killed.  It is just lucky that the weather was bad, because lots of people would have been sitting outside at Vivid who could have been hurt. There was lots of glass.

The big selling point of the apartments is that the big glass windows allow for great views of the city centre, so it is worrying.”


Nigel Franklin, director of Waterside Places, said:

“The matter was immediately attended to by our managing agents and the area made safe.

We have also informed the original contractor, Laing O’Rourke, who undertook the original building and window installation and we are undertaking a full investigation with them as to what caused the breakage.

We will share with the residents the findings of this investigation and any recommendations which arise in relation to maintenance of the building façade.”


This is not the first time the brand new site has broken fire safety rules.  Residents at Islington Wharf Mews, a nearby apartment block run by the same developer, had to move out of the brand new site because it broke fire safety rules.