Ministry of Justice announce a Bill to curb ‘elf and safety’ culture

The Secretary of State for Justice has announced a bill that intends to reduce the health and safety ‘jobsworth’ culture .
In a blog for Conservative Home, Chris Grayling reveals that The Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill (SARAH), is intended to remove the bureaucracy that can deter people from doing good deeds.

Mr Grayling argues that people are often put off from doing the “right thing” out of fear that they will end up facing a lawsuit for negligence.  The Justice Secretary argues that the idea behind SARAH is to protect people who act in the interests of society.

Mr Grayling has commented,

Take the responsible employer who puts in place proper training for staff, who has sensible safety procedures, and tries to do the right thing. And then someone injures themselves doing something stupid or something that no reasonable person would ever have expected to be a risk.  Common sense says that the law should not simply penalise the employer for what has gone wrong.”

The Ministry of Justice said the law would be changed so that judges will have to give weight to factors when deciding negligence cases.

The proposed bill will serve as a signpost from Parliament to the Courts about how the Government wants the law to be applied and would apply in England and Wales.