Meet Chris Fitzgerald our Fire Safety Expert

We are committed to providing our services via the leading experts working within the Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Water Safety and Asbestos Management.  Chris Fitzgerald speaks about his experience within the Fire Safety Industry.

Fire Safety legal compliance:
As I spent a lot of time on the prosecution side in the LFB, I have a practical knowledge of legal compliance for fire safety. I have represented many clients when appealing against Prohibition Notices, Improvement Notices and Enforcement notices from their local authority fire brigades. So far, I have had a 100% success rate and have saved clients a lot of grief! money and inconvenience.
My ‘finest hour’ came when I attended a meeting of the Estates Management Committee at Inner Temple London where all the top Judges and Barristers have their chambers. I explained to all these High Court Judges, etc., how the fire safety law did apply to them and that they were not exempt from its requirements.


Fire Safety in general:
My areas of specialisation cover places of education, residential care homes, Government owned or occupied premises, Petroleum licensed premises and storage and use of hazardous materials.


As a fully qualified CDMc (Construction Design and Management Co-ordinator) I am very well qualified to deal with all aspects of fire safety and Health .
& Safety on construction sites.


Tunnel construction:
Worldwide, there are only a handful of fire safety consultants qualified and experienced in the subject of fire safety in tunnelling construction and I am one of them!


Special buildings:
I have worked extensively on fire safety at the British Museum. Whilst in the LFB, I devised the fire safety strategy for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, which was built using 16th century building methods and materials but had to comply with current fire safety standards.

We are privilidged to work with chris and proud that he is able to share his experience and skills with you, to ensure you receive the level of Fire Safety service you need.

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