Long awaited change of direction for Firefighters union

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) is hoping the election result will mean the end to a round of cuts that would have cut fire and rescue service funding in half over the course of a decade.

Matt Wrack, General Secretary of the FBU, said:

“Millions of voters supported policies that just two years ago were condemned as fringe ideas – re-nationalising the railways, scrapping student debt, building new homes. Jeremy Corbyn has shifted the political debate decisively in favour of working class people by working towards what is fair and just. It seems that the Tory party’s austerity agenda may have had its day.

The Prime Minister called this election in the most cynical way, for the benefit of party interests alone. It has been an utter disaster, a gamble that has backfired. Millions have rejected the endless attacks on living standards and public services. People are sick of seeing their wages cut, facing a future where young people cannot get a decent job or a decent home. Theresa May now has no mandate to continue with the policy of endless cuts that put the safety and health of the public at risk.

Jeremy Corbyn’s personal rating has risen throughout the course of the election campaign, as has support for Labour, and there is now significant backing for the radical change offered by Labour’s policies under Corbyn. The FBU wholeheartedly welcomes the rapid change of direction that is needed to make our country a safer, fairer place. Our members are very proud of the fire and rescue service, but it now needs investment, not more decimating cuts.”