Legionnaires’ disease


August 2015 NEWSLETTER
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Legionnaires’ disease kills four people

No one has been prosecuted

92 cases of  Legionnaires’ disease were identified in Edinburgh, killing four people, yet the investigation was unable to identify the source of the bacteria.

The risk of legionella is likely to increase in July for obvious reasons. We know that cooling towers operating without proper risk controls can cause significant ill health.

Find out a few key things we recommend to check your facilities are in order.

Quantum at Flat Living Live

The Flat Living Live property management expo was held on the 8th and 9th July and was the perfect meeting place for Residential Block managers and suppliers!
It was great to meet so many of you and with a variety of different stands, games and companies in attendance there was a lot of fun to be had.  See our pictures from the event.

Summer Hazards

As we’re in what will hopefully be a warm and sunny summer, we provide a reminder about some of the issues surrounding this time of the year.

There is no legal maximum temperature temperature under UK law, however research shows that once the temperature is consistently over 30 degrees centigrade people can start showing signs of heat stress.
Heat Stress can then occur when the body overheats.

Myth-busting by the HSE

Job Advert stated that Bus Drivers weight must be below 18 stone

The enquirer was recently looking at jobs and a bus company said that due to new Health and Safety rules all new bus driver recruits must be below 18 stone in weight.

Read the Panel’s decision HERE.

A local pub can’t replace fried egg with scrambled as they can’t use a microwave due to health and safety

On ordering a cooked breakfast in their local pub, the enquirer was told they couldn’t replace fried egg with scrambled egg as this would involve using a microwave which can’t be done due to Health and safety.

Read the Panel’s decision HERE.
The HSE Myth Busters Challenge Panel provides a mechanism to independently challenge potentially disproportionate or inaccurate advice or decisions, made in the name of health and safety.

“We think that communicating these decisions will help all our clients with a better insight into the ongoing ‘perception v’s reality’ arguments which appear in the media from time to time”.
Phil Jones
From the Team

David Foster and James Biley having just finished a seminar at Flat Living Live.


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Do you know how to monitor your facilities water temperatures?

How to monitor water temepratures


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Lift shaft fall breaks a man’s leg

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) has been sentenced after a member of the public, Mr Hector Maclean, fell into a vacant lift shaft. He fell into a vacant lift shaft after leaning on a set of double doors at street level.The HSE investigated.

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