Health and Safety Failings


December 2014 NEWSLETTER


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Health and Safety Failings

Are they responsible for the tragic deaths in Knightsbridge, London?

Two men died and six other people were injured after part of a balcony collapsed in west London when the railings gave way of a building at Cadogan Square, Knightsbridge, Friday 21st November 2014.

Eye witness’ at the scene said that the workmen were trying to pull a couch up to the first-floor apartment with ropes, it was apparently too heavy and the fence broke off and fell on the workmen below.

SME’s Health and Safety failings

Health and safety standards are not being met by more than half of small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK.

The research was carried out earlier this year on behalf of workplace safety specialists Seton by YouGov.  This was a seasonal campaign intended to boost awareness of health and safety

Key findings showed that 22 per cent of employers that took part think there is no one, or just one individual, at their workplace that has received any type of workplace health and safety training.

Legionnaires Outbreak

Cooling towers at a fertiliser plant were the likely source of an outbreak of Legionnaires disease that has killed ten people and infected over 336 since erupting nearly 2 weeks ago.  This makes it one of the world’s largest ever outbreaks with the World Health Organization declaring this “a major public health emergency”.

To understand more about this case and hear from our water safety expert Phil Lonsdale, please read more.

Myth-busting by the HSE

The HSE Myth Busters Challenge Panel provides a mechanism to independently challenge potentially disproportionate or inaccurate advice or decisions, made in the name of health and safety.

“We think that communicating these decisions will help all our clients with a better insight into the ongoing ‘perception v’s reality’ arguments which appear in the media from time to time”.
Phil Jones

Passenger’s coffee had to be placed on table by train trolley attendant

Enquirer was on a train and ordered a coffee off the trolley service. They were seated in the window seat and had a passenger next to them. The attendant poured a coffee and put a lid on the insulated cup. The enquirer reached across to take the cup from him but the trolley assistant insisted that he could not do this. He explained that health and safety regulations stated he could not hand him the cup, and he had to physically place it on the table.

Read the Panel’s decision HERE.

University’s hot air vents covered with anti-homeless cages

A university has covered hot air vents with anti-homeless cages citing health & safety reasons.

Read the Panel’s decision HERE.

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