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August 2014 NEWSLETTER


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Staggering number of businesses are ignorant of Fire Safety Laws

A Survey was conducted by FireUK and comprised of 580 restaurateurs, publicans, takeaway owners and owners of office-based businesses.

The survey found that a staggering ninety percent of small businesses with fewer than 10 employees were failing to conduct appropriate fire-risk assessments or follow basic fire-safety procedures.

For further statistics, common confusions about Fire Risk and legal requirements please read more.


Neglecting Fire Safety Duties resulting in Fines 

Property managers are reminded of the importance of fire safety duties after a firm of estate agents in Bexhill have been fined more than £28,000 and ordered to pay court costs in excess of £10,000 after being found guilty of breaching fire safety regulations in properties that they managed.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (ESFRS) inspected the premises following a fatal fire in 2011.  They discovered inadequate fire protection, lack of separation of fire escape routes and fire alarms, as well as no emergency lighting.  During this fire, an occupant became trapped on the top floor and required rescued by firefighters.

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Casualties on the roads of Great Britain

Provisional statistics concerning road casualties in Great Britain in 2013 have been published by the Department for Transport.  They show that overall road deaths are down by 2 per cent.

Other statistics show that the number of people killed on motorways increased by 14 per cent to 100 in 2013 (traffic on motorways did increase by 1.5 per cent); the number of pedal cyclists killed dropped by 8 per cent to 109 and there was a 21 per cent decrease in the number of children killed in reported road traffic accidents, reversing the increases seen in 2011 and 2012.

For further information and statistics please read more.

Mythbusting by the HSE

The HSE Myth Busters Challenge Panel provides a mechanism to independently challenge potentially disproportionate or inaccurate advice or decisions, made in the name of health and safety.

“We think that communicating these decisions will help all our clients with a better insight into the ongoing ‘perception v’s reality’ arguments which appear in the media from time to time”.

Phil Jones

Engineer not allowed to climb a stepladder to replace a meter

A newspaper article stated that a man was left dumbfounded when an electricity engineer refused to replace his meter – because he was not allowed to climb a stepladder.

Read the Panel’s decision HERE.

Supermarket staff not allowed to water dying plants

Following a visit to a local supermarket store the enquirer complained about the state of plants that were on sale. They had dried out and were dying, due to lack of water. The staff told them that they had been instructed not to water the plants due to health and safety.

Read the Panel’s decision HERE.
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Firefighters Strike

Firefighters have been striking throughout the month of July.  They joined hundreds of thousands of other public sector workers taking strike action which started on Thursday 10 July.

These strikes come due to the long-running dispute over firefighters’ pensions.  They see a further day of strikes at the same time as a walk out by local government workers, teachers and civil servants over a range of issues, including attacks on pay and pensions and workloads.

For strike dates and times please read more.

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Hear from our Fire Safety expert Chris Fitzgerald.

He talks Fire Risk and the importance of managing it!

Read his comments HERE

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