Fines after toddler fall from window

Aberdeenshire hotel owners were said to have been devastated after a 15-month-old girl fell from an unsecured window.  A £10,000 fine was issued to Meldrum House Estates for safety failings at Aberdeen Sheriff Court following the incident in April 2012.

The one-year-old fell from the first floor of converted stables.  Her parents were getting ready for a wedding while the child moved around the room. It appeared that somehow she opened a window, leaned back and fell out.

Her parents ran out to find her conscious but in shock and her lips were turning blue.  After being taken to hospital, her only visible injuries were a bump on the back of the head and redness on her arm.

Chief executive of Meldrum House Estates, Andy Burgess, said he thought the company had done everything possible during a £2.5m refurbishment to ensure safety.  The court heard that the hotel had a good health and safety record and had taken responsibility for the accident at an early stage.

Sheriff Annella Cowan said: “The risk of such an accident happening was low. This was an isolated incident.”