‘Death Trap’ Hotel Owner is Jailed

On account of breaching fire safety regulations, the owner of a hotel in Walsall has been jailed for 12 months.

An investigation was completed and revealed that the hotel’s fire exit on the first floor had been blocked by mattresses, while the fire alarms were deemed to be faulty. There were also obstructions found on the landing and the emergency lighting was not working properly, according to the reports.

The Bescot Hotel in Walsall was visited by officers from Wolverhampton Fire Safety Centre, after a customer complained. It transpired a blaze could easily have ravaged the basement, which is where the main electricity supply was located. Officers also found:

  • Fire alarms had not been adequately maintained or tested.
  • Some bedrooms were lacking smoke detectors, action notices or fire alarm sounders.
  • When the alarm was tested, officers realised it could not be heard in all parts of the hotel.
  • No fire drills or staff training had taken place.

In light of these failings, the officers served a prohibition notice, which ordered certain parts of the hotel to no longer be used for sleeping accommodation or certain other purposes.

The hotel owner was jailed for 12 months as a result of the breaching eight counts of fire safety regulations.

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