Consultation draft approved code of practice : L122 safety of pressure systems

The HSE has launched a consultation which seeks views on the revised Approved Code of Practice to the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 – L122 (PSSR ACOP).

The ACOP has been reviewed and updated. The initial consultation responses (in 2012) proposed minimal changes as the ACOP was felt to be fit for purpose, so HSE has acted accordingly. The consultation asks specific questions on the new format of the ACOP, for example where material has been moved from the introduction to an appendix. The Regulations are unchanged, so there are no new requirements for compliance.


The consultative document invites views on the revised ACOP Safety of Pressure Systems.  There are no plans to change the Regulations themselves at this time.

This consultation is undertaken in compliance with Section 16 of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 which requires HSE to consult on revisions to ACOPs prior to seeking Ministerial consent to approve the revised ACOP.
The consultation presents the draft revised ACOP and associated guidance as prepared by HSE, taking into account feedback from earlier consultation, and seeks views on some specific questions. These are set out at the end of the consultative document.

Document Summary (Provided by the Barbour Editorial Team)