FirstPort is one of the leading providers of residential property management services in the UK. Through vigilant working practices, personal working relationships and constant attention to detail, Quantum Compliance’s partnership with FirstPort has grown exponentially.

Quantum Compliance began working with FirstPort in 2010 undertaking Health and Safety and Fire Risk Assessments. We currently undertake over 300 combined risk assessments annually.

Service Delivery

Our approach to delivering services is based upon:

  • Exceeding client expectations where possible
  • By ensuring customer care remains at the forefront of all client interactions
  • By holding bi-monthly internal review meetings with the team to ensure all activity is assessed, ideas on improvements proposed and site visit findings discussed 

The following service delivery standards are in place:

  • Site visits to be arranged within 3 working days of acceptance of new business
  • Reports to be completed and issued within 10 working days
  • 24/7 support


Quantum Compliance streamlined the monitoring and reporting process to target resources based on risk. This was achieved by:

  • Avoiding unnecessary compliance: ‘Over the top advice’ was identified
  • Combining visit disciplines: This reduced cost and time by 50% e.g. undertaking combined fire and health and safety risk assessments
  • Negotiating with enforcement bodies to minimise formal enforcement: e.g. fire officer in relation to the adequacy of the means of escape within a purpose-built property
  • Introducing a new compliance management platform: QCompliance
  • Rolling out new report generating software: iPad-compatible software for consultants to produce reports more efficiently
  • Developing new report formats: The new format fed data into the client’s own action management databases
  • Presenting health, safety and fire workshops: Presented at the client’s annual property management conferences