Cambian are one of the largest providers of specialist behavioural health services for children and adults in the UK. Quantum Compliance were instructed to carry out a strategic health and safety audit, develop a corporate action plan and produce a new corporate health and safety management system. The intention was to introduce standardised processes across the Group.

Service Delivery

Quantum Compliance offered practical advice and guidance across the following disciplines:

  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Water Safety
  • Asbestos Management

Expert health and safety awareness, legionella control, manual handling, contractor control and fire wardens training was also delivered.

The following service delivery standards are in place:

  • Site visits to be arranged within 3 working days of acceptance of new business
  • Reports to be completed and issued within 10 working days
  • 24/7 support


Quantum Compliance helped the group develop:

  • A standardised corporate compliance approach: Ensuring the Group effectively manages health and safety, fire safety, water safety and asbestos safety matters
  • Health and safety management system: A practical, effective health and safety management system with measureable standards
  • An effective audit programme: A programme that clearly defines ‘at risk’ sites and issues so that the resources can be targeted
  • Control and monitoring arrangements: Effective arrangements for the control and monitoring or water safety and legionella control
  • Reduction in accidents: Measureable reduction in reportable accidents, recurring accidents and personal injury claims
  • Pragmatic advice: Practical advice on health and safety issues
  • An effective response: To contributing to the client project teams when new sites are constructed or existing sites refurbished