Beware of floods’ electric dangers

Flood-hit householders and business owners are being urged to take care during the clean-up to avoid the risk of electrocution.

Hundreds of homes had to be evacuated after heavy rain left areas across southern England under water, but with people now returning to their homes and businesses and assessing the damage, the Electrical Safety Council is reminding them to stay switched on to the potentially deadly danger of mixing water with electricity.

Those faced with minor electrical damage caused by clean water should ensure all cables are properly dried out and any affected sockets, switches and plugs replaced, but those hit by more serious damage caused by contaminated water may have to have the affected parts of their property / business rewired.

Recent news…  On Wednesday 12 February, David Cameron announced a comprehensive package of new measures to help businesses hit by the recent winter floods. All affected businesses are to receive 100% business rate relief for three months and will also get an extra three months to pay the business taxes they owe to HMRC as they recover.