Advice for Building Owners of Multi-storey, Multi-occupied Residential Buildings

Since the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, the government’s Building Safety Programme has predominantly focused on identifying and advising on short-term interim and remedial measures for existing high-rise residential buildings with Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) cladding, while developing wider reforms for the future building safety regulatory system.

In support of the Building Safety Programme, the Independent Expert Advisory Panel (the Expert Panel) has issued advice on the measures building owners should take to review ACM and other cladding systems to assess and assure their fire safety, and the potential risks to residents of external fire spread. The Expert Panel has also issued advice on other key fire safety risks that need to be managed appropriately.

This consolidated note brings the Expert Panel’s advice together in a single document and supersedes the existing Advice Notes 1 to 22. The advice on the assessment of non-ACM external wall systems (previously Advice Note 14) has been updated and incorporated, and some of the advice within the previous published notes has been condensed to make it clearer.

To access the consolidated advice, follow the link below: