Company Name Service Area Feedback Name
Savills Water Risk Assessment Had a chap called Bryan Hill do my WRA, very helpful indeed and also very realistic. Helped me understand a lot of the WRA. Mark Brown
Savills Health and Safety Audit Following an Estate meeting yesterday, the trustees were impressed by the report and encouraged by the proactive approach to changing H&S culture. Please thank Phil again for his help so far. Eric Parker
Workman Scheduling … was really impressed with how the scheduling team handle the work load and are willing to help as much as possible. Communication was excellent and specifically Tara; she is a great addition to the team. Paul Hoskins
Bluefin Group Fire Safety Your colleague was very good and helpful. We would happily use him again for fire risk assessments. S Pumfrett
Park Holidays IOSH I speak for the whole recent IOSH course – instructor Kelly was excellent!

1. Very professional and knowledgeable.

2. Some modules were more challenging than others, however, she remained patient with everyone throughout.

3. She made it fun and interesting esp. with her little break out sessions and mock exam testing (I.E. comical buzzers and various other props – ‘classic’)Overall: She was very friendly and approachable with as all and certainly made a potential taxing subject entertaining. We all enjoyed her as our instructor. Thank you!

Paul Jordan
Pinnacle Fire Safety On behalf of Pinnacle Power and our respective Operations and Customer Service teams, I would like to say thank you for providing the quality training that we attended yesterday at our Energy Centre. The feedback that I have taken from the team is very positive and I will definitely recommend the training package to my colleagues in the wider Pinnacle Group. In particular, we really liked the practical session using the fire extinguishers.

I would like to extend a personal thank you to Chris Fitzgerald who tutored us, his unique style of instruction made the training interesting and enjoyable in equal measure.

Michael Vincent
FirstPort Health and Safety Just had feedback from Chris Nustedt (Area Manager – East) – his two FRA joint visits yesterday with Paul Turner were “absolutely brilliant”.

Please pass on my personal thanks to Paul for his time & effort & for what was obviously an excellent training day for a very new Area Manager on a steep health & safety learning curve.

Mike Drew
First Port Compliance I would just like to inform you that Lee Jones has been brilliant in regards to keeping me updated every day, not only is he updating me but resolves issues straight away, i.e. the urgent jobs for this week. I am sure this will continue I have no doubt.

Lee is definitely a brilliant asset to your team, I don’t know if you have any system in place to reward your employees but I would definitely recommend Lee to be put forward.

Thank you Lee for updating me. It really helps me to gain a better understanding of where quantum are in regards to works.

Shamma Riaz
Savills Training I’ve had a 5 week IOSH coarse with Geoff in Manchester, I took the 06:00 train from Newcastle every Wednesday (no fun) and I expected the usual coarse format i.e boring and repetitive… Geoff made the coarse come alive with facts and tales and I can say the whole group engaged with his methods, instead of being a mandatory coarse I learned a lot and enjoyed the coarse from start to finish. Mark Brown
Savills Health & Safety It was minuted today at Savills H&S Committee by Tim Birley: Matt Baker and Chris Fitzgerald do a great job. Very practical in their way of working. Tim Birley
Savills Training Chris was a hugely interesting individual. He managed to blend the learning material seamlessly with his own in-depth experiences. This made the course exceptionally interesting to take part in. Helen Farrington
First Port Health & Safety I met Paul over at Redhill last week (Jolly nice chap)..Had a good day and did the assessments all Ok…He was a good chap..In fact, all the blokes I have done the assessments with have been..Fine bunch !! Peter Smith
Worldwide Occupier Services Training Thanks so much, it was a really good course, learned a lot and Chris made it very entertaining too.  Much appreciated! Alison Bird
Virgin Media Health & Safety Robert Blake did an excellent job reporting on H & S and Fire at Conifer Gardens on 23rd February 2016. Roger Harris
Bluefin Group Training Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable session today – the course was very well received by all the attendees and we now feel equipped with the tools to manage our DSE issues more effectively. Look forward to receiving the certificates! Sandie Mitchell
Savills Asbestos Management Can you please pass on my thanks to Mark and Herve for pulling out all the stops to get this report turned round so quickly. Tim Birley
First Port Fire Risk Assessment, Health and Safety Risk Assessment Hi Jayne, Hollie, and Lee, we had a contract meeting with Dave this morning and I thought I would just send a quick note to say thanks for all your efforts working with the team to deliver the FRAs (and H&S RAs) both during the compliance teams time but also whilst with Tom and the H&S team. I know we have driven you hard at times but likewise you have taught us loads, a fantastic effort to meet the December deadline for FirstPort, really appreciated, I know you are still hitting these hard for us running up to the 31st, but can I wish you all and the remainder of the team behind the scenes a great Christmas break and look forward to working with you next year, (Great team, great company cheers). Gary Wilkinson
Home Surveyor Consultancy Hi Chris.  Thanks for the report today – marvellous! (as always). Neil Maloney
The Cambian Group Health and Safety Quality service as always, thanks. Andrew Hush
Chatsworth Lodge Fire Risk Assessment, Health and Safety Risk Assessment Hi Lee, site visit went okay, Can you please thank Dave for me for all the advice he gave me whist here doing the visit, Cheers! Terry Fuller
Savills Training The course was excellent and that I learnt a lot from Phil Jones. Michelle Khan
Interserve Fire and Water Services Thanks Chris.  You always cope admirably with these issues – it is appreciated. Alison Denyer
Savills H&S committee Health and Safety Matt Baker and Chris Fitzgerald do a great job. Very practical in their way of working. Tim Birley
The Cambian Group Health and Safety Hi Lyndsey, thank you … can you please pass on my thanks also to Andy who contacted me to make the relevant changes.  Jane Bellamy

Registered Care Manager

Caxtons Reporting Dear Lyndsey, a most useful report, with items to be actioned noted, so many thanks! Robert Payne

Commercial Property Manager

Savills Training As far as feedback for the course goes it was one of the best I’ve been on with Savills. P. Fawke
Savills Health and Safety  Gordon, I have received very good feedback following Chris’s work with the rural team in Devon.  Please pass my thanks on. A. Ness

Health & Safety Director